3 Steps to Building a Successful Overall Search Strategy

In today's digital marketing landscape, a multi-channel, holistic approach to search marketing is imperative.

You can maximize digital shelf space by eliminating silos between teams and finding synergies in how paid and organic search work together.

On May 10th, I hosted a webinar with Wayne Cichanski, VP of Search and Site Experience at iQuanti, and Erin Wilson, VP of Marketing at HomeEquity Bank.

Cichanski and Wilson show how to combine insights and data from paid and organic channels to create a cohesive search strategy that increases online visibility.

Here is a summary of the webinar. To access the entire presentation, complete the form.

Step 1: Understand the Power of Integrating Paid and Organic Search Strategies

SEO & SEM each have a different role, place, and strengths.

But these differences provide insight into the gaps that exist in other schools of marketing thought.

Therefore, the two channels can work well together as long as there is a cohesive strategy that integrates their two beneficial aspects.

So how do you make sense of the data each process brings?

How can I harness the power of these two channels without increasing the bandwidth?

One way is to start maximizing your digital shelf space.

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Start by maximizing your digital shelf space

Between Paid Results, Organic Results, People Also Ask (PAA), Stories, Local Map Packs, AnswerBox, Video Carousels, and more, there are many areas where you can have a higher SERP market share.

Screenshot from iQuanti, May 2023Screenshot from iQuanti, May 2023

So when you think about a cohesive strategy, you need to consider these steps:

  1. View total digital shelf space.
  2. Know what keywords trigger what.
  3. Build assets to acquire.

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After completing these steps, you can now start merging policies.

combine different strategies

Next, focus on syncing your research and common messaging across organic website pages, paid search ads, social, display, email, and thought leadership.

You can do this by:

  • Send messages throughout the funnel.
  • Use dual ranking to boost impression share.
  • Increase the halo effect by driving organic pay.
  • Modify bid strategies for brand, non-brand mid-funnel, and lower-funnel.
  • Discover and build common ground between paid and organic.

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Step 2: Understand the role of marketing channels

Knowing the roles and expectations of each channel allows them to make the best contribution.

But before you get started, understand that being customer-centric is critical. Always consider the needs, preferences and behavior of your customers.

Then, leverage each channel for the different stages and behavioral needs of your users.

Screenshot from iQuanti, May 2023Screenshot from iQuanti, May 2023

Knowing the defined roles of each channel means you'll understand what to expect and measure at each corresponding stage.

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Step 3: Provide a connected search program

To understand the roles and expectations of the greatest contributors, start attacking SERP positions and journey milestones collectively by:

  1. Measurement They are together.
  2. identify Key themes in the journey.
  3. develop bid strategy.

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Increase conversions with paid branded and non-branded search

about brand searchby taking a backseat from a neutral testing platform to bring down competitors, focusing on maximizing conversions and minimizing leaks.

In other words, you can push your competitors off the top with a high-profile listing.

in a non-brand search, a good approach is to segment intents by conversion potential. This quadrant explains it better:

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[Slides] 3 Steps to Building a Successful Overall Search Strategy

Here's the presentation:

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