Top 10 Best Video Enhancer Tools & Apps

Best Video Enhancer Tools

10 Video Enhancer Tools

Whether it be through music videos, live streaming, movies, or even just straightforward vlogs, we all know how crucial visuals can be in grabbing and engaging an audience. It is imperative to make sure those graphics are as striking as possible because of this.

With the introduction of specialised video enhancer software, improving the quality of video recordings has become easier and quicker. This software may enhance films taken with webcams, cellphones, or video cameras’ resolution, brightness, and sharpness, in addition to providing a host of extra functions like noise reduction and colour optimisation.

These tools, made possible by modern technology, make it simple to create high-quality content without the need for post-production expertise. So be sure to utilise these software solutions if you want to transform common films into professional-looking projects without going through a laborious editing process.

Some of the top programmes and tools for enhancing videos are listed below:

1. HitPaw


HitPaw Video Enhancer AI should be used by anyone looking to enhance their movies. The denoise model, animation model, and face model—three different models—as well as AI technologies are used to dramatically improve the movies’ quality.

Low-light and generally poor footage can be improved with the denoise model. On high-definition televisions, the Animation Model sharpens and colours old anime clips to make them look more lifelike. The Face Model modifies brightness, colour saturation, and contrast to give portraits in each frame of video a retouched appearance.

Several distinguishing features of HitPaw include:

  • AI-based technique for quick scaling and noise reduction of videos
  • Videos with human faces and anime are ideal
  • Reaches 8K2 in terms of video resolution.

2. Veed

Veed’s software swiftly and automatically detects noise in your audio and removes it to provide you clear audio through the use of artificial intelligence. Because you can’t always control what sounds your microphone will take up, it’s perfect for deleting undesired sounds from recordings you’ve produced at your home office. VEED can be used to get rid of noises like wind, rain, traffic noises, ticking clocks, static, air conditioning humming, and other noises.

Using VEED, you may create professional-caliber videos with a small number of mouse clicks. The easy-to-use video editor allows you to alter many various aspects, such as the frame rate, resolution, size, lighting, and audio quality. Voiceover narration, backing music, automatically generated subtitles, and even background noise can be taken out of your films.

The best thing is that you can edit your entire video with VEED to create a stunning and professional-looking final product. To make your films more accessible to a larger audience, use our auto-subtitle feature. For the entirety of your video, add subtitles. Simply choose Auto Transcribe from the Subtitles option on the left. VEED will automatically generate subtitles for you. There are also many different video editing tools accessible, such as filters and camera effects. VEED comes with a variety of tools, including a screen recorder and a green screen editor.

3. Wondershare Filmora

Wondershare Filmora
With support for 50+ supported international formats, including 4K editing, and a plethora of audio and video effects, the amazing video enhancer Wondershare Filmora is compatible with both Windows and Mac operating systems.

The software’s accessibility to cutting-edge video editing tools and Filmstock effects makes it perfect for small businesses, studios, and educational institutions.

Additionally, it significantly reduces editing time thanks to its AI portrait feature, which makes it easier for users to recognise individuals in the video. Wondershare Filmora is a fantastic choice if you want to quickly and effortlessly produce high-quality videos.

The best characteristics of Wondershare include the following:

Keyframing many settings and effects for audio and video effects
Modifications to colours

4. AVCLabs


AVCLabs is yet another outstanding video enhancer that combines user friendliness and artificial intelligence. A low-quality video’s resolution can be substantially raised to dazzling 4K or 8K in a matter of minutes.

One of the unique aspects of AVCLabs is the automatic removal of artefacts that generally reduce video quality using deep-compression computing.

Additionally, its AI-enabled features isolate and remove any unwanted noise from recordings while enhancing facial features even when the face is moving. The fact that this programme continually produces results that are above and beyond makes sense as to why professional film producers appreciate it.

The following are some of AVCLabs’ top qualities:

  • Video resolution upscaling
  • Multiple-frame development
  • Topaz Deep-Compression Algorithm

5. Topaz


Topaz Video Enhance AI, a powerful upscaling tool developed by Topaz Labs, cleverly makes use of cutting-edge machine learning technology to enhance the resolution of films up to 8K. This tool can repair, denoise, deinterlace, and carry out other editing tasks like trimming and slow motion effects in addition to upscaling movies.

The tool gives users complete freedom while enhancing video quality with remarkable accuracy and precision.

A useful tool is the Topaz AI video restoration technology. Due to its extensive video training, it enables precise and efficient repairs. No matter the source of your video, you can use Topaz to check for errors, adjust colours, lessen flicker, and sharpen areas that are indistinct. The built-in AI engine can correctly identify these issues and deliver excellent, organic results.

Top topaz qualities include:

  • machine learning technology
  • Duties including upscale, trim, slow motion, and denoising for 8K videos were honed over innumerable videos.

6. Lightworks


Lightworks provides an excellent alternative to video editing for people of all ability levels. With its many features, such as 10-bit output, advanced tilting, and motion graphics, this is an excellent tool for any user to have in their toolkit. Even better, it makes it possible for plugins like NewBlue and TotalFX to be used, which can enhance users’ extremely challenging job.

Lightworks also offers a pro edition with the specialised tools experts need to finish difficult projects if the basic version isn’t quite enough. With the powerful yet user-friendly editing capabilities offered by this programme, streamers, filmmakers, and content creators will all be well-equipped to realise their ideas.

The following are some of Lightworks’ best qualities:

varying degrees of expertise
supports TotalFX and NewBlue plugins.
The Pro edition of Windows 7 has an upgrade option for advanced titling and motion graphics. Clipchamp

7. Clipchamp

Clipchamp is a fantastic collection of tools for editing video. Utilising the power of cloud technology, complex editing tasks may be completed online with ease. Clipchamp can make it simple to merge everything into one document, whether you want to add images, videos, or audio files.

Users can also add any desired text and effects, save the modified file locally on their computer in case they need to access it again in the future, and more. Clipchamp makes it simple to create and edit aesthetically attractive content with a minimum of work thanks to all these capabilities.

The following are some of Clipchamp’s top traits:

  • Comprehensive toolset makes use of cloud computing’s power
  • Boost the effects and text
  • Offline editing and saving

8. Shotcut

Shotcut is a fantastic choice for folks who enjoy video editing and want to create high-quality videos on a tight budget. Users may produce amazing results with minimal effort because to the powerful open-source and free video editor, which provides a lot of complex functions often only seen in more expensive applications.

The addition of extra effects like blur and fish-eye correction may enhance any project, and using Shotcut makes the process incredibly simple. Exporting 4K-quality films has never been cheaper or easier, creating exciting new possibilities for your projects. To get started creating stunning movies quickly and efficiently, download Shotcut right away.

The following are the main traits of shotcut:

  • Numerous cutting-edge features and inexpensive, high-quality films
  • Special effects that are free and open-source include blur

9. Pixop


If you want AI upscaling to improve the quality of your videos, take a look at Pixop. This tool delivers some of the most realistic and thorough results currently available thanks to cutting-edge neural network technology. The fact that Pixop is automated and only requires users to select the file they wish to upscale and leave the rest to Pixop makes this accomplishment even more remarkable.

Additionally, Pixop consistently produces the greatest results because of regular updates that include new features and improvements. If you want simple yet complete video upscaling, think about trying Pixop.

Some of the top qualities of Pixop include the following:

  • Brain-like networks
  • Continuous automated feature updates
  • Detailing video upscaling using

10. DaVinci Resolve 18

aVinci Resolve 18
DaVinci Resolve 18 is an excellent tool for experienced or aspiring producers who want to improve their videos. In addition to its powerful video quality booster capabilities, this programme includes a variety of features designed to produce better outcomes.

Keyframing and cutting tools allow users to precisely adjust the minor parts of videos while opening up a world of possibilities for audio-visual customization thanks to its colour grading and audio enhancement features. Whether creating professional content for personal or professional use, DaVinci Resolve 18 is a great choice.

The key traits of DaVinci are as follows:

  • Substantial boost in video quality
  • Tools for cutting and key framing, and grading of colours
  • Sound improvement


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