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1. Recently we often hear the big upgrade step of this year, so what is it?

2. Breaths Affiliate Connet is a system that connects suppliers, distributors, retailers with Breaths Co-founders.

3. These parties will bring products and services with preferential policies to help Breaths Co-founders have the easiest access. NO NEED TO FORGET ANY FEES for pre-purchase of products.

4. Co-Founders who already have their own network will be connected to these products and services. And the system will stay the same for tens of thousands of products and services. That is, when your bottom node sells the commission, it will still be divided directly and indirectly 12 floors.

5. That's why Breaths always encourages everyone to optimize their system tree for the upcoming turning point because every day and every hour there will be a lot of products and services sold and the commission will continuously be divided equally. Your system.

6. The trend of single product sales is over. Now 1 Co-founder can sell to thousands of units. It can be for an airline ticket agent, a supermarket, an English center, etc. Each unit has hundreds of products. All of which make it easy for Co-founders to access and choose.

7. For example, when you are a real estate salesperson, but when the market has problems, it is almost difficult to find customers. When you are the Co-founder of Breaths you have thousands of products for you to go into business with. Along with that is building a system to be able to have a commission.

8. It is easy to imagine it as if you were building a company with many subordinates (Directors, Heads of Departments, senior personnel, low-level personnel,…). To be able to sell thousands of products and services. The commission is then divided equally among the entire company.

9. So those who have very good nodes at this stage will have an extremely optimal system with quality personnel for their company. Encourage people to grow the business together, not compete.
10. In the end we have Breaths Affiliate Connect:
– Do not spend any fees for keeping goods
– Diverse units providing products and services
– The commission is divided equally among all according to the 12-tier model and remains the same for all products and services

10. In addition, we have 2 resources available to optimize business with Breaths Affiliate Connect:
  • In terms of tools, we have a marketplace with many leading digital products for digital citizens and online businesses
  • In terms of knowledge, we have courses and livestreams of leading expert speakers in this field, but Peng Joon, Eric Wore, John Maxwell,… so that we can quickly grasp and become Entrepreneurs. global multiplier.
  • Free experience

Enjoy your business with the policy “Get Paid Instantly – Get Paid Instantly”
Generate an income of 50$ to 100$ per day.

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