Mozilla acquires AI Product Review Analyzer

Mozilla, the nonprofit that makes the Firefox browser, announced the acquisition of an artificial intelligence-based software company that identifies fake reviews for consumers through browser extensions and online review analyzers.


Mozilla is a nonprofit organization that provides free software and has built an open source AI community focused on creating trustworthy and useful products.

Fakespot is a company focused on helping consumers choose products from trusted merchants through fake review detection technology.

Their AI-powered browser extension scans for reviews and is able to catch fake reviews.

Consumers can also access their Fakespot Analyzer technology from the Fakespot website, whose user interface accepts URLs and detects fake reviews.

The technology comes at a good time, as crooked sellers have started using ChatGPT to generate fake reviews.

By searching on Amazon for words commonly created by ChatGPT such as “As an AI language model,” as CNBC reports.

These are comments that got caught, but no doubt other merchants were smart enough to remove the ChatGPT signature.

Screenshot of Fakespot Analyzer

Mozilla acquires AI Product Review Analyzer

Fakespot uses artificial intelligence and machine learning systems to detect statistical patterns that indicate fake reviews.

The product gives a better idea of ​​where the product really stands in the reviews.

Fakespot for Chrome lists these features:

  • “Instant Fakespot Guard seller ratings while shopping. Never buy bad products from bad sellers again.
  • Instant Fakespot rating. Don't be fooled by fake reviews while shopping.
  • Search results sorter and filter will allow you to sort and filter by best score.
  • Highlights will let you know at a glance that the review is about using our proprietary AI analysis. “

According to Mozilla, the end result is more satisfied customers and less rewards to merchants, which is a win-win for both consumers and honest merchants.

Mozilla Chief Product Officer Steve Teixeira commented to Search Engine Journal:

“We are very excited to welcome the Fakespot team to Mozilla.

Everything we do with Firefox is about making the Internet better for people—more fun, more trustworthy, and more rewarding.

Fakespot is a perfect fit for this, with a product that dramatically improves the experience of buying products online, increasing trust and delivering a better experience, all while protecting the privacy of everyone who uses it. “

Fakespot integrates with Firefox

Mozilla's announcement states that they will invest in growing the company and eventually integrating Fakespot's functionality directly into the Firefox browser.

Users of the browser extension will continue to enjoy these features as before.

Read Mozilla's announcement:

Fakespot becomes part of Mozilla, bringing trusted shopping tools to Firefox

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